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Elevating Healthcare

With Technologies

We work to provide innovative life-saving and sustaining medical devices and technologies to patients and healthcare providers in the Middle East, Africa, India Sub-Continent, Australia and New Zealand. We are committed in bringing efficient and affordable healthcare technologies through our know-how to benefit Patients, Physicians and Our Partners.

W E   A R E


Driven By Purpose

We are Alstro

Driven By Purpose

Alstro is inspired to serve the growing needs of MedTech industry. We collaborate with our diverse supplier base to identify opportunities to improve environmental performance and are constantly in the pursuit of deliver cutting-edge innovations that are regarded as industry benchmarks supported by long term scientific-evidence.

We accelerate the path from diagnosis to therapy to survival with our strong suite of products in Medical Devices, Adaptive Intelligence Solutions in the healthcare journey.

We delight our clients with the resources needed with quality products and help achieve business objectives.

Clinical and Technical

Partnering To Meet Challenges

Alstro collaborates with our partners and remains dedicated to the processes, develop best practices to improve patient outcomes. Our team offers extensive clinical expertise expanding from remote learning, training opportunities for medical providers on various products, new innovations and various therapeutic areas.

We provide and help create in-hospital support, On-call and Online assistance to help healthcare professionals achieve the best possible outcomes.

We work closely with our clients and reduce their overhead costs, increase profitability and provide customized support services to navigate the speed to therapy development and launch new innovation.

Partnering to Meet Challenges


Clinical and Technical

Our Products and Business

Bringing Innovative Healthcare Solution

Bringing Innovative Healthcare Solution

Our Products And Business

Our priority is to understand customers, innovate and deliver life-changing diverse range of products used in interventional, therapeutic procedures, mainly in Cardiology, Neurosurgery, Critical Care, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Healthcare.

Our forte of multidisciplinary team stays on the forefront of technology and provide products that meets the need of its targeted market with a range of solutions to healthcare institutes and manufactures.

We strive for client delight and deliver seamless services and experiences. Our team of experts can manage large portfolios and improve the quality of a patient’s life through customized models.

Our core focus is providing clinical solutions and making strategic investments to yield strong long-term financial results.

Advancing Healthcare to Improve Patient Outcomes

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